Hawkair was founded in 1994 as a remote area cargo service airline. In those days Hawkair flew mining equipment to isolated Goldmine sites in Northern BC.

In 2000, sensing that opportunity existed within the passenger airline industry in British Columbia, the Company transformed itself into a passenger service with the leasing of their first Dash-8 aircraft in August 2000. One month later, the Company was flying scheduled service between Terrace and Vancouver. Over the past five years the company has expanded its route network to six cities and operates a fleet of 37 and 50 seat DeHavilland Dash-8 aircraft.

The founders of Hawkair have modeled their airline after the low-cost, short-haul beginnings of Westjet and Southwest airlines.

Some of the same cornerstones include:

Focus on Customer Service – cheery, helpful staff and full in-flight service including complementary beverage and snacks has earned Hawkair “Customer Service Company of the Year” awards from local Chambers of Commerce.

Highly simplified ticket pricing – recognizing travelers’ frustration with uncertain and volatile ticket pricing systems, Hawkair has followed suit with Westjet and Southwest to offer a streamlined and simplified pricing matrix.

On-line booking capability – www.hawkair.ca offers integrated web bookings and scheduling. Hawkair also offers frequent flyer & other incentive programs. “Quicktickets” is Hawkair’s discount bundled ticket program, primarily targeting corporate/government/health customers.

The company is also included in the Royal Bank Avion Visa Card points program. More recently Hawkair joined Airlines like Helijet, Pacific Coastal and Westjet to award flights with the Overwaitea/Save On Food points program.

May 2018

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