Some of the most popular armored vehicles used by people

On an average, people use vehicles for transportation purpose. However, some vehicle manufacturing companies are coming up with armored vehicle. The vehicles are designed to provide an all-round protection to the occupants from any kind of threats. With the extra level of armoring features, ensuring one’s safety becomes easier.

In fact, the demand for armored cars has seen a steep increase. Many armored car manufacturing companies are trying to meet the demand of luxurious armored cars.

Which One to Go For?

Right at this moment, you must be wondering about the best armored carrier available in the market. However, this blog will guide you with some of the popular armored cars of 2018.

Popular Ones

Currently, the most popular armored vehicle available in town are mentioned below. They are:

Mercedes Benz S-Guard

Do you want a protection level of VR9? You can go for this car. It is made by mixing steel and ceramic composite material. The windows are bulletproof and it comes with S-Guard’s axles, brakes, and suspensions. It comes fitted with run-flat tires so that it can escape any dangerous situations.

Toyota Land Cruiser

This armored sports utility vehicle which got its reputation for its ruggedness. It makes use of run-flat tires, lightweight technology, and PA system for withstanding attacks. The BR6 level windshield glazing can provide protection against 3 rounds of 7.62 caliber rifle attack.


armored vehicle

Mercedes-Maybach M600

In the creation of armored vehicle like this one, luxury wasn’t compromised. It can be considered as the perfect armored luxury car. Manufactured by INKAS, it makes use of lightweight armoring technique. Traditional heavy armoring has been replaced by modern composite materials. The CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic protection, 7-speed, and run-flat tires makes this vehicle stand apart from the rest.


Range Rover Sentinel

This vehicle is popular among athletes and celebrities. However, an upgraded version of this vehicle comes with beefed-up security features. It offers VR8 armoring so that it can withstand any kind of ballistic threats or grenade attack. It also comes with a multi-laminated armored privacy glass, run–flat inserts for the tires, and tamper-proof exhaust system.



Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

It is one of the best armored vehicle that seem to have descended from a tank. The improved version of this vehicle offers CEN BR6 level of armoring for withstanding gunfire, blasts, shrapnel of grenades. The upgraded suspension offers a smooth ride despite being heavy weight.


Trasco BMW 7 Series

Another popular luxury car that comes beefed up with three levels of armoring. The improved suspension can help to handle the vehicle in an easy manner. Also, the brakes of this car have been improved as the disc calipers and pads have been replaced. The tires with improved load index can allow the car to run with flat tires at a great speed.


GMC Yukon Denali

It is one such armored vehicle which enjoy the reputation of a luxury vehicle. It boasts of BR6 level of armoring, 8-speed automatic transmission, and 6.2 litre V8 engine. The PA system helps to avert potential threats.

All these vehicles are designed in a creative manner so that it can protect people from all kinds of attack. So before picking a vehicle, always consider your safety requirements.